Maintenance Window

All application and infrastructure maintenance will be performed during the hours of 23:00 and 05:00 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The vast majority of standard maintenance can be performed without impacting the availability of your website.

However, occasions may arise when it becomes necessary to restart or briefly take websites offline outside of the maintenance window defined above. During these times, your hosted website might be inaccessible to your customers and a generic MythCoders maintenance page will be rendered instead.


Customers will be notified of any maintenance that occurs outside of our maintenance window as soon as MythCoders knows that the maintenance is necessary. We’ll continue to update customers about planned maintenance including when it has started and ended.

No-downtime updates

MythCoders also can perform updates without any downtime or service interruption. This is possible by running two instances (or copies) of your website at the same time. When one instance goes down for maintenance the other is still available to receive traffic and process requests.

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