When determining a request/issues priority there can be multiple facets of the impact. Below is a guideline.

MeaningFunctionalityAffected UsersPerformance Degradation


Unusable feature with no workaround, user is blocked

Impacts 50% or more of users

Degradation is currently happening


Broken Feature, workaround too complex & unacceptable

Impacts between 25%-50% of users

Degradation is guaranteed to occur in the near future


Broken feature with an acceptable workaround

Impacts up to 25% of users

Degradation is likely to occur in the near future


Broken non-critical feature

Impacts less than 5% of users

Degradation is likely to occur but no timeframe


Functionality inconvenience or cosmetic issue

Usually impacts only a single user

Degradation may occur but it's not likely

If a request seems to fall between two priority levels, assign it to the higher-priority label.

Below you’ll find some example scenarios and how the prioritization MythCoders would assign to them.


  • Data corruption/loss.

  • Security breach.

  • Unable to process orders or add items to a shopping cart.

  • Customers are unable to log in to their account.


  • Guests on a reservation are unable to make changes but the host can.

  • Customers are unable to process their orders on mobile devices but able to on desktops.

  • Emails are being sent out to the wrong recipients or with incorrect data.


  • Customers are unable to cancel orders but hosts or admins can.

  • Customers encounter an error during their request, but the request is completed successfully.

  • Emails aren’t being sent out to customers.


  • New gift cards can’t be purchased.

  • The photo gallery is broken.

  • Unable to upload images.

  • Reports are not able to run successfully.


  • Label colors are incorrect.

  • Button elements are not fully aligned.

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